Build and Maintain Your Network as an Entrepreneur 

There are a great many advantages to establishing and building a business network, so there’s really no excuse for a businessman to be going it all alone.

Here are some of the best ways to grow your business network and begin capitalizing on the benefits which accrue from it.

Make use of the social media

One of the best ways of building up your personal network is to start making contacts via social media. LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter are especially good for contacting and building relationships with other businessmen. You can even create discussion groups and forums to deal with industry issues and to resolve business problems.

Make yourself publicly available

There are a number of opportunities for you to put yourself out in public, so that you can start making new contacts in your industry. For instance, you can speak at various events, you can do podcasts, you can create a regular blog, publish articles, and plan events which are related to your industry.

Organize meetings

In virtually every corner of this country, there are other businessmen like yourself who are interested in organizing and planning for meetings relative to your industry. Any kind of event you can plan, will get you out in the public rubbing elbows with your peers, either as an organizer, a volunteer, or just a participant.

Keep in touch with your contacts

Regardless of what path you took to achieve your current business success, chances are you’ve met a number of people along the way who may be helpful in your continuing business career. You should make a point of maintaining these contacts, and finding convenient ways of continuing your association with them to keep your business network crowing.

Join professional organizations

Almost all industries have professional organizations that will help you stay in contact with others in your industry. These may be local organizations or national, and you can choose which level to participate in, based on which ones serve your needs and interests the best. Even if you have to pay fees to join these organizations, it will be well worth it in terms of the networking opportunities they provide.

Need help establishing your network?

Networking with your peers sometimes requires financial assistance, and if your business is in this situation, we may be able to help. Contact us at Commercial Capital Lending, so we can discuss some alternatives which may be to your advantage.


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