Business Growth: Is Your Company Forgetting This Essential Tip?

Virtually all business owners consider business growth to be the number one criterion for success in the marketplace, but it would be a lot harder to find any two business owners who agree on what it takes to get there. There are indeed many ways to achieve business growth, especially given the fact that there are literally thousands of different kinds of businesses, each with its own recipe for success.

However, there is one relatively less known strategy that can have a tremendous impact on business growth, yet does not really involve any of the tried-and-true methods for scaling up. That hidden little business gem is known as brand expansion, and it can be extremely effective at broadening the reach of any company which already has strong brand recognition with consumers.

What is brand expansion?

If you have not yet heard of brand expansion, it should not be confused with an actual growth strategy, because brand expansion itself will not trigger growth in a company which currently lacks it. On the contrary, brand expansion only works in situations where a company already has a strong brand, and is looking to penetrate some new market by capitalizing on its brand recognition from the original market.

If the company looking to expand lacks the company expertise to succeed in that new market, it can still achieve success through brand licensing, in which its recognizable brand is leased to another company already situated in that market. By trading on the well-known qualities associated with the original company’s brand, a partner company can achieve tremendous success with its know-how and business acumen in the new business area. The core values which are closely identified with the original company’s products transfer over to some new product lines, and brand expansion takes over to achieve new business growth.

Business Growth with Commercial Capital Lending

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