Customer Retention and Your Business: How to Keep Everyone Happy

Many companies focus on optimizing the quality of their products and services but neglect an integral aspect of productivity: an emphasis on customer retention. Attracting new clients is much more costly in time and money than holding on to the ones you already have. Here are some tips on valuing your customers so that they remain loyal to your business.

Get to Know Your Clients

To provide a solid boost to customer retention, get to know your clients personally. Take the time to learn their names and establish relationships with them. Nothing drives customers away as quickly as the feeling of being ignored or neglected. Conversely, nothing instills loyalty in customers as much as the awareness that you know and understand them.

Show Kindness

Courtesies such as polite greetings and expressions of thanks are welcome but expected. Go beyond these formal platitudes, and demonstrate your gratitude by sincere acts of kindness. These may include simple gestures such as birthday and holiday greetings or more elaborate gifts such as complementary meals and tickets to sporting events.

Anticipate Their Needs

Customer retention involves not merely reacting to clients but anticipating their needs before they are even aware of them. Look ahead, and forestall potential difficulties before they occur. One method of providing anticipatory service is to call customers to ask if they have any issues or considerations before they contact you with potential problems. This active engagement with customers emphasizes to them that you are concerned that they have a quality experience with your company.

Solicit Feedback

Requesting feedback from your customers either during face-to-face encounters or through surveys provides them with opportunities to communicate their concerns and insights. Pay attention to their comments, and implement any suggestions that may promote better customer satisfaction and retention.


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