Customer Service Tips: 6 Quick Ways to Improve Your Team’s Success

Almost every business has customers, and it’s a fact of life that you’re going to have to deal with them at some point. Any time you find yourself working with – or in charge of – a customer-facing team, however, there are going to be ways in which your team could improve.

Track Customer Interactions

Every customer is going to interact with your company at multiple points in multiple ways. A bad experience at any one of these points could put them off, so it’s important to check your customer service at every one of these points

Improve Your Customer Service Skills

This covers a lot of bases, and needs a lot of specific research and training. The fact is, no team is perfect, and there’s always going to be room for you to improve. Do your research and evaluate your team’s performance. A good team will be adaptable, patient and consistent, so make sure you’re ticking those boxes.

Improve Your Customer Interactions

Just having the skills isn’t enough, you need to put them into practice. Evaluate your customer service interactions – ideally with some fresh eyes as well, like a friend acting as a secret shopper – and see where you did well and where there’s room to improve. It’s important to be able to see your own faults to improve.

Make Sure You’re All Engaged

Make sure your team is available and proactive in customer interaction. If you’ve got the best skills in the game but are impossible to contact, you might as well not be there. Engagement is key for good customer service.

Improve Your Strategy

A good team needs a clear strategy in place for dealing with customers–one that can be followed easily even in challenging situations. A good strategy reduces the need for employee initiative, which reduces the chance that things can get overlooked or missed. A good strategy makes a good team.

Encourage Feedback

Feedback is great. It’s a highly useful way to see where you’re doing well and where you need to improve, and giving customers a way to provide feedback makes your work a lot easier. It also looks good from a customer point of view: if you’re soliciting feedback, you obviously care!

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