Making These Mistakes Might Make You Lose Your Best Employees

No business wants to lose their best employees–yet there are avoidable mistakes that many business make that lead to just that. To help your business with employee retention, this article lists several behaviors that drive star performers away.

Mistake 1: Overworking Employees

Just as a star athlete may be overworked by a coach to the point of frustration and fatigue, business leaders often feel tempted to assign more and more work to high-level performers. However, even if they appear to be keeping up with the workload, stress from overwork can lead to health risks and lower performance, according to the  Harvard Business Review. Those factors, in turn, can lower employee retention. Therefore, it is easy to see why you should avoid overworking employees–even those who seem like they can handle it–if you want to keep them.

Mistake 2: Not Challenging Employees

While overwork should be avoided, it is also important to periodically challenge strong employees. It is easy for a high-level performer to become disengaged from a task they do over and over, even if they are good at it. To increase employee retention, challenge your employees in a way that does not build resentment—that is, give them opportunities to show off their skills and smarts.

Mistake 3: Stifling Employees

A third way that companies drive away star performers is by focusing too much on the process instead of the results. Put another way, it can be very stifling for a high-level performer if they have to do things a certain, prescribed way. If a star employee has an outside-the-box way of achieving a desired result, let them go for it instead of insisting on the “old way” of doing things.

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