What Does Your Business Plan Say About Your Company?

Your business plan not only outlines what you want to do with your company but “who” your company is. Examining elements of your business plan can show you what your company conveys to others, including customers and employees.

Shared Values

By setting values for the organization, you will be able to build a team of stakeholders with shared values and vision for the organization. That will show that your company is focused on a team-oriented approach that works toward a cohesive goal, using employees’ skills, talents, and expertise to contribute to the shared values of the employees.

Clear Goals

A business plan with clear goals shows that stakeholders will all be on the same page. There is no question about what the stakeholders are trying to accomplish because the goals for the company are clearly stated in the business plan. These goals can then be used to build operational strategy in every level of the organization. The goals can then be used to develop projects for various teams and stakeholders, providing a foundation for action steps that employees can take to achieve success.

Strong Communication

Communication is key to business success. Your business plan should outline your expectations for communication within the organization. This information will show that you understand the role communication has in operations and the achievement of business goals. Without appropriate communication, the shared values and clear goals cannot be communicated to the employees. That prevents them from being able to work cohesively toward the same end within the organization.

Value Recognition

Finally, your business plan should show that you recognize the value of stakeholders’ contributions to the company. Regardless of position in the company, employees should be rewarded for what they bring to the company and how that helps the company achieve its goals. This shows that the company values effort and merit rather than honoring titles and positions in the company.


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