Why Time Management can Transform Your Business

Benjamin Franklin said, “time is money.” There’s probably no area that’s truer than in business. Better time management leads to more revenue, whether it’s increasing your billable time or just getting more done. Do the things you love and that produce revenue. Spend less time on tasks that you don’t enjoy. Learn to delegate or outsource. Need help with time management? Here are some tips to employ in your own life.

Schedule Time for Managing and Making Money

Most small business owners wear different hats. You might be a manager or a money-maker, or just a general worker. Managers are focused on staying on top of clients and customers. Makers focus on producing tangible work. Workers do the day-to-day thankless tasks, like cleaning, filing or other repetitious activities that have to be done. Don’t multi-task. Put time in your schedule to focus on a project, handle management duties and be a worker bee.

Use Templates to Manage Emails

If you find yourself answering the same types of questions from customers, create templates to communicate. Better yet, create a FAQ page on your website to try to keep from receiving emails. While you’re at it, unsubscribe to all those newsletters that clog your inbox. At the very least, have them sent to a folder where you can easily find them.

Audit Your Time

For one week, track your time to see where it’s going. If you’re really on the ball, do it for a few weeks to see patterns. Learn how you’re spending your time to see where you’re wasting time. You may be able to delegate some tasks, outsource others or eliminate them to save time and be more productive.

Time management can help you be more productive when you’re working to add profits to your bottom line. Get financing options from Commercial Capital Lending to take your business to the next level.


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